A Comparison Of The Cost Of Living In Northern Virginia Cities

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    One of the main factors that will determine your entire future in the new place, is the living cost. Some people will even base their entire relocation plan on this as it can significantly affect some points of your life. But, not every place will cost you the same, and it is good to do your research way before you set the date. Here & Now Movers will, like always, give you a better insight into this topic, so that you can organize on time. Here is the complete comparison of the cost of living in Northern Virginia cities and everything else you should know!

    Living costs in Mclean

    With a population of 48,566, Mclean is one of the most popular cities in Northern Virginia. It has a lot of excellent schools and movers Mclean VA tends to move a lot of people there. When it comes to living costs, it is safe to say that it is one of those cities that could be more expensive. With the overall costs of 201.0/100, they go above the average, mainly because of the housing costs. Living and working there, however, can be beneficial and very possible considering that Mclean has a stable economy and good job opportunities. Take a look at the rest of the living costs that may matter to you:

    • Groceries 118.5/100
    • Health 102.1/100
    • Transportation 125.5/100
    • Housing 391.7/100
    • Utilities 98.9/100
    person putting coins in the piggy bank
    Knowing the living costs in the city you will be calling home soon is essential as it will affect your future plans

    The good idea is to always rely on a good real estate agent if you plan on buying property here. They will help you find a nice offer and will keep your budget in mind the entire time.

    Cost of living in Northern Virginia cities regarding Falls Church

    If moving companies Falls Church VA take you there, you will need to know more about the living costs there as well. Even if you didn’t make an official plan to move there, it will do you good to compare the cost of living in Northern Virginia cities, including this one. You will be glad to know that in Falls Church the lining costs are a little bit lower than in Mclean. 155.6/100 is the overall rate and you will notice that it still goes above the average. The agriculture system in this city is really strong and is one of the main sources of a stable economy. The rest of the costs currently look like this:

    • Groceries 116.1/100
    • Health 102.7/100
    • Transportation 123/100
    • Housing 239.2/100
    • Utilities 95.7/100

    One of the main reasons housing costs are this high is that schools in Falls Church rank pretty high. This will cause a lot of people and students to move there before the new school year, and housing prices will immediately go higher.

    What about Ashburn?

    In recent years, a lot of people became interested in Ashburn, and for good reasons. Thanks to Equinix being located there, a lot of young professionals and freelancers are choosing it for their new home. With a high number of newcomers, Ashburn is developing really fast and today it is a perfectly suitable place for all generations. When comparing the cost of living in Northern Virginia cities, it is safe to say that this one is among the cheapest ones. The living costs there rate 150.1/100 and you will get a nice chance to sustain your budget after moving. With movers Ashburn VA to help you, you will be there in no time with your finances well-preserved. Other costs look like this:

    • Groceries 112.5/100
    • Health 102/100
    • Transportation 126.7/100
    • Housing 228.7/100
    • Utilities 98.6/100
    fruits on the shelves
    Those cities with good agriculture will have more affordable groceries costs

    If you leave yourself enough time, you can find an excellent job in Ashburn. Once you do, you can expect a nice income that will easily cover your expenses in this city.

    Let’s not forget the capital city

    Of course, comparing the capital city is a must, no matter if you decide to move there or not. It will help you organize your entire future, especially if you end up living close to it. Alexandria is home to 154,706 people and is mostly famous for its rich history. With a huge number of museums and historical houses, its tourism is very well developed, which is immediately affecting the economy. Alexandria neighborhoods are very subtle and nice, and most of the time they welcome families and those who plan to retire.

    You would be surprised to know that from all the cities on the list, this one seems to be the most affordable one. With living costs at 140/100, Alexandria is the closest to the national average you will get. This is one of the main reasons people decide to move there, especially if people want to downsize or start a family. With many attractions and a crime rate of 11.9% / 22%, it really is an excellent candidate for moving. For an even better comparison, here are the rest of the costs:

    • Groceries 112.6/100
    • Health 101.7/100
    • Transportation 128.8/100
    • Housing 200.7/100
    • Utilities 97.3/100

    Benefits of comparing the cost of living in Northern Virginia cities

    Just imagine all these places having so many traits for you, that you simply can’t decide. This happens more often than you would think, and most of the time the living costs will have the final word. In the very end, the choice is yours to make, and all you need to do is double-check your budget. Once you know that the new place will fit perfectly, that will open countless other possibilities for you. Be careful if you are moving with kids, as your finances will have to be even neater. For an even better insight, you can contact locals or visit the place in advance, to make sure the place is good for you.

    person giving other person keys
    And if you plan to buy a property you must go through the comparison of the cost of living in Northern Virginia cities too

    Once the process of comparing the cost of living in Northern Virginia cities gives you the winner, rely on professional movers. They will help you minimize your expenses even more, which should be your goal from the start. If you are moving for the first time, all you need to do is avoid making last-minute changes, as they tend to be pretty risky for everyone’s finances.








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