7 free things to do in Northern Virginia during the holidays

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    So you’ve moved to Northern Virginia and the holiday season is starting. Now you’re probably wondering what can you do here and what is popular here. What do people like doing here during late fall and winter? We at Here & Now Movers would like to help you as a local Northern Virginia company. That’s why today we’ll write about 7 free things to do in Northern Virginia during the holidays. Now put on your boots and grab your coats because it’s time to ho ho ho away.

    Visit Ashburn in Northern Virginia during the holidays

    First, three free things that we’ll write about are located in the lovely city of Ashburn in Northern Virginia. Movers Ashburn VA would like to talk about this hidden gem. This city has got some of the best Thanksgiving and especially Christmas decorations out of all cities in Northern Virginia. We understand that the whole of Northern Virginia is covered with Santas, raindeers, snowflakes, snowmen, elves, etc. But the biggest trick is that most homes are set up like mini botanical gardens with lots of trees so you can enjoy watching them and some of them even sing songs. But the coloring, different styles, the lighting they’re just something out of this world. Some people have described it as walking into Christmas. In front of just a few houses, you’ll be able to see the whole nativity scene with all details right in place.

    Because we’re one of the best Northern Virginia movers we’ll tell you two more secrets. The second free thing to do in Northern Virginia is to appreciate and enjoy nature. If you haven’t still found out how beautiful this state is, now is the time. You’ve just got to take a winter hike and that’s all. You can take a 10-minute ride to Beaverdam Reservoir as the name suggests, there are a lot of beavers there. But during the winter it’s all covered in snow and it’s gorgeous. It’s not like walking into a Coca-Cola Christmas commercial, it’s more like the real thing. So take your loved ones and hit the road, Jack.  The third best free thing that you can do will take you about 6 hours to reach it and it’s Little Stony Falls. Frozen waterfalls and it’s especially good if your kids like Disney’s Frozen.

    A person standing next to a frozen waterfall, while thinking about, free things to do in Northern Virginia during the holidays;
    One of the things to do in Northern Virginia during the holidays – Visit frozen waterfalls!

    Forth and fifth free things to do in Northern Virginia during the holidays await you in Falls Church

    This is a small independent city with a population of only about 14,500 residents, but it holds many fun-free things that you can enjoy. The fourth thing isn’t 100% free it’s called Eden Center so you can enjoy this outdoors Vietnamese and Asian shopping mall. It’s decorated and it’s a comfortable way to enjoy something new and exotic in these cold months. You’ll like it especially if you’re a foodie and enjoy Asian and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. There is also an amazing Asian supermarket where you can see some original canned and bottled Asian foods that are 100% authentic and imported mostly. The fifth free thing that you can do is visit The Falls Church which is an Episcopal Congregation. This is described as the cleanest and the best place for families, foodies, and couples; so feel free to visit it.

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    Mom and dad kissing their baby while standing next to the Christmas tree;
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    The last two free things are in Sterling

    Algonkian Regional Park is the sixth free thing. It’s got an aqua park but now it’s too cold and there are a lot of spas. They’re not expensive but they aren’t free as well; so these are some extra things that you can do in Sterling during winter or any other part of the year. Now let’s get back to Algonkian Park different animals are especially beautiful in the winter such as deer. On the other hand, you can visit this place to get your shooting done if you’re having a wedding. Trust us you can have some of the most amazing photos done there. We as one of the leading moving companies Sterling VA can tell you that folks around here are moving in since the cost of living is much lower than in Washington DC.

    Just one more thing and we’re off to go. So the last free thing that you should do in Northern Virginia during the holidays is to visit Washington DC. We know that this might come off as cliche but this is an amazing city after all and you can visit it any other time of the year, but it’s most beautiful during late fall and winter. Especially since it’ll all be decorated for the winter holidays trust us you don’t want to miss this. So you can visit the National Air and Space Museum, take a picture or a selfie next to Martin Luther King, Jr. statue, visit and see exhibits and works of art at the National Gallery of Art, etc.

    A deer in a park;
    A deer is just one of many animals that you can see in Algonkian Regional Park.

    We’re glad and we hope that you liked our article. Today we’ve covered 7 free things to do in Northern Virginia during the holidays. As you can see there are plenty of things around the VA that you can see for free. From national parks to churches and even museums in Washington DC. So thank you and we hope that you’ll have a nice time in Northern Virginia.


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