3 useful tips to help you settle in Bethesda

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    You are slowly but steadily preparing your move to Bethesda with residential moving companies Maryland. Everything is going according to the plan and you have no reason to be unhappy. However, there is something on your mind that has been bugging you constantly ever since you decided to move. No matter how great your new home and destination are, there will be a trace of doubt on how well you are going to adjust to new surroundings. This is completely normal as you will be relocating to an unknown place to live and work with unfamiliar people. This does sound a little bit scary but you will see that you have nothing to worry about. Bethesda is a great place and you won’t have a problem finding your home there. Here are a few useful tips to help you settle in Bethesda. 

    What are the tips to help you settle in Bethesda? 

    The first tip to settle in easily in any city including Bethesda is to have a great move. You can achieve this with good planning and hiring movers and packers Maryland. It’s important to have a good packing and unpacking plan. Being stuck all day in new home unpacking and sorting items won’t help you to settle in easier. For this reason, it’s better to first unpack your essential box to have items for the first day in your new home.  

    Additionally, you should say a proper goodbye to your current home before you can settle in a new one. To avoid being stressed and locked in a home packing all your belongings, you should hire movers Bethesda MD to complete this task. This way, you will have more free time to go for a drink in your favorite cafe or have dinner with your friends. 

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    Make sure to spend time with your friends

    What do you need to know about Bethesda? 

    Bethesda is often seen as only a suburb of Washington, D.C., when in fact, Bethesda is a beautiful city that is unincorporated. As Bethesda belongs to an unincorporated community, it doesn’t have official boundaries. The estimated population of Bethesda is around 64, 000 which makes it perfect for raising children. Education is at a high level as more than 80% of the population have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Also, there are many job opportunities in the DC area including Bethesda. Some facts about this city include the following.

    • Median household income $133,000 
    • Median home price $770,000 
    • The unemployment rate is 4% 
    • Low crime rate 

    Bethesda also has a great educational system. It has more than a dozen public and private schools. Additionally, it’s also home to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, National Intelligence University, etc. 

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    The city has great schools which is a huge advantage

    What can you do in Bethesda? 

    Bethesda has a very diverse cultural and entertainment scene. For this reason, you should visit Strathmore Music Center for amazing concerts held by major national artists. Round House Theatre is a beautiful theater where you can watch your favorite novels come to life. Additionally, Cabin John Park, Bethesda Art Walk, and Capital Crescent Trail are just a few places worth visiting. Exploring and enjoying this city would be the best tips to help you settle in Bethesda. 


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    First off, Maya in the office is wonderful! We had logistic issues on the original date we were scheduled due to our transport trailer not fitting in the apartment complex loading dock or parking lot. She was able to reschedule us for the next day for the movers to meet at the trailer storage yard to transport our belongings to the complex in their truck instead. She called to check up on us during the move and is a pleasure to work with. The movers; Andrew, Junior and Rolando were also a pleasure to work with. They showed up and got right to work...between unloading the transport into their truck, an hour drive to the complex and bringing up all our stuff to the 7th floor they were done in a little over 3 hours. They were careful with all of our furniture and made sure it was safe from damage during transport and unloading. Couldn't be happier with the service and I definitely recommend them for any type of move you are in need of! When the Army sends us to a new location Here & Now will be on our speed dial!

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